Our craft

At Wolff Brewing Co. we don't take shortcuts. The grains are slowly mashed, the best ingredients are added and the yeast is given time to works its magic! Quality products take a lot of effort and cost more but they are worth it!


Wolff Brewing Co. was founded in 2022 by Joe Wolff in order to continue his passion for brewing great craft beer. Dreams can be pursued in Luxembourg!

After his teenage years, he started working in the hospitality sector of Luxembourg while completing his brewers course in Belgium. After which with the now closed Luxembourg based brewery Stuff Brauerei, 12 beers were launched of which he created the “Sauvageonne” in Collaboration with René Mathieu, Michelin starred chef who was named twice best chef in the world for plant based cooking. Among his creations was the first commercialised classic IPA of Luxembourg, the original Mellis beer in collaboration with Mellis Schnapps, the first wild hop beer and his Brewers course project, the famous Black Widow.

Stuff Brauerei was founded in 2015 at the start of the craft beer scene in Luxembourg as the monopolistic beer market had been shutting the door to creative and tasty beers. Wolff Brewing Co is going to continue that mission to pioneer for beer!

Our dream

In our first year (2022) as Wolff Brewing Co we have come up with 6 new exciting beers. The next steps are to build our community, the wolff pack, and launch other beers that will surprise and satisfy your tastebuds. Expect exciting releases coming soon!

The other mission is to set up a brewpub in the commune of Luxembourg to show our know how and to provide an exciting and unique establishment in the heart of Luxembourg.

Brewing Process and Vital statistics

Most of our beers are top fermented as that allows more versatility of flavour in a beer. However we are not against crisp lagers, we launched howling lager, a lager with changing colour properties thanks to a flower with this natural characteristic.

We also brewed a dry lager for the commune of Bertrange, the Lion Twins!

At Wolff Brewing Co. we don’t take shortcuts. The grains are slowly mashed, the best ingredients are added and the yeast is given time to works its magic! We want to leave the goodness and all the good flavours in the beer so we decided to keep our beers unfiltered. We refuse to use fish guts or other animal products to speed up the process as some other breweries do; you will notice the vegan symbol on all our bottles.

All our bottles are bottle conditioned. This means that the yeast in given extra sugar in the last stage of the process so that it is the yeast converting this sugar and creating the fizz. So you will notice a deposit in the bottom of the bottle, this is just yeast and this can give extra flavour. You can decide to add it or not, both taste great!

You will notice on our bottles, figures such as IBU’s and EBC’s. These are scales to show you different characteristics of the beer.

The IBU figure will tell you the bitterness of the beer. The higher the number, the higher the bitterness. However, after 90 IBU’s you will no longer perceive the extra bitterness.

The EBC figure will tell you the colour of the beer and so give you an idea of what malts where used and what flavours you could expect. The higher the number the darker it is so in theory the more roasty flavours.

Ethics and Community

Beer is exciting as the taste and flavour possibilities are endless and craft beer promotes that diversity. There is also the community that is being created around it, that believe in a fairer, more sustainable and diverse world.

We stand for transparency, community, fair prices for beer and great tasting beer!

So we will help organise events through the ASBL “Celebration of life” to give back to the community here in Luxembourg and help those in need.

We also work with other small businesses to help each other to spread the word about our products such as the Rosa Luxembourg and the Brewing Botanist.

Additionally, we are always striving to produce and serve our products as sustainably as possible.

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Where to find us!

Where to find us!

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